Working closely with our partners and schools, we want to ensure that every young person in Liverpool has the opportunity to grow, learn and develop in the safest possible environment.
Whether physical, verbal, emotional or technological, the aim of this website is to help us assess how effective we are in responding to bullying across all environments.

The self assessment tool helps schools, young people and families by:
  • Discussing, monitoring and reviewing anti-bullying policies on a regular basis.
  • Supporting staff to identify bullying and how to tackle it appropriately.
  • Ensuring our pupils that we will deal sensitively and effectively with bullying concerns.
  • Improving how we report back to parents and carers about any concerns they may have about bullying.
This site supports our Anti Bullying Charter Mark and is another positive step in the right direction to eradicate bullying.

Thank you for helping us to continue to support vulnerable young people in Liverpool.

If you would like to find out more about the work we are doing to stop bullying in Liverpool, visit the council website.